The story of the tantric massage in Wanchai, Causeway Bay, Tsimshatsui and Central, Hong Kong

Recently I had to take a business trip to Hong Kong in order to meet some clients and resolve some issues that had taken place on a project that we were working on. I decided that I would enjoy some of the cultural experiences whilst I was there and look forward to visiting the city.

I had a pleasant journey to the country and when I arrived I made my way to the hotel that I was staying in. I dropped off my bags in the hotel and decided to go to the bar for a drink. When I was in the bar I was told of a tantric massage female who worked in the hotel and he provided massage services for those who had had a long trip and wanted to unwind and relax. I decided to take them up on that offer and was told that she would visit my hotel room shortly. I therefore finished my drink and made my way back to the room, getting ready for the outcall massage service that would take place.

I then arrived back in my room slightly nervous as to the experience. I had never had a massage before and was told that this may be a tantric massage, which would lead to an erotic sensation throughout the body. When she arrived she was incredibly beautiful and told me to get undressed and lie on the bed. She quickly began massaging my body and I started to feel the sexual energy running through my bones. It is an incredibly relaxing experience and I was starting to feel incredibly calm and tranquil.

I drifted off into a dream zone whilst the massage was being carried out and was amazed at how she was touching my body in these new and exciting ways. The balance of relaxing experiences and sensual ones combined together and I felt as though I was getting a new form of therapy that I had never experienced before.

When the massage was over I was a new person and felt incredible. I thanked her and paid her the correct amount. She smiled and said that she would be happy to perform her skills for me at any time. I was excited and asked if she would come again the following night. She agreed, and so we decided that after work the following night she would come over and continue her skills.

I woke up feeling like a new man and jumped out of bed ready for the day ahead. I went and met the client and we resolved the issues that have become a problem. I then headed out for some lunch feeling great and looking forward to the challenges of life ahead. In the evening I unwound and got a drink at the bar again ready for my next massage.

I returned to my room and prepared myself for the meeting that was organized to take place between me and her. The time came but she did not arrive and I started feeling worried that she had let me down. An hour went by and still no sign of her so I began to panic and was on the verge of giving up. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it was her. She apologized for being late and said that she would give me an extra special massage for as a reward. It began again and she employed some new techniques which made it even more intense than it was before. This was probably the greatest experience I’ve ever had in my life and was making me feel more amazing than I had ever felt before. When it was time I felt incredible and I knew I would have to return to Hong Kong and meet this woman again at some point in my life.

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