This Deep Seeping Lust

A good tantric massage starts with an anti-stress massage. It eases your body muscles and gives you freedom and relaxation. An anti-stress massage that applies pressure and friction into your exhausted and spent muscles and infuses into them freshness and warmth. It is the solution to the freshness with which you need to explore the sensate and erotic parts of your spiritual, sexual and physical energies.

This is an artful massage experience that ends in a normal bodily reflexes marked by a prolonged orgasmic experience. The orgasming is not the point of the experience, it’s the nature and type of strokes used on your nerve endings on your skin areas. Most of us need to be aroused in those places which often are unexplored or unattended to during a normal sensual experience.

The length between our normal sensual experiences builds up a level of sexual energies and pressures that needs release. As a tantric masseuse we have the know-how, the professionalism and the discreetness of how to help you achieve that release in a safe, free and healthy tantric experience. It is a moment we create for you to learn how to channel your sexual energies into a single profound experience that teaches you self-love and self-mastery.

Beyond being a sensual experience this is a spiritual experience that explores your mystical longings for connection and intimacy with another human being in a meaningful and vulnerable way. In a tantric massage you and our masseuse explores your capacity for spiritual intimacy as she helps you maximize your intimate experience. It is like a dance, a sensual ballet in which you play the master and the follower.

Your body is a spiritual temple whose connection to your pleasure nerves and sensate desires is complex, rich and plenty. Meet our girls who are adept at leading you into this journey of self-awareness.

Beyond being spiritual it is also physical as your inner thighs and butts are stroked to nurture a sensation. Your physical body needs fulfilment just as much as your spiritual self. She (the masseuse) guides you into long and elaborate paths of understanding of your physical body and its needs.

It builds a healthy neurotic reaction as your blood fills up all your veins and your nerve endings get massaged. Your erection becomes enhanced and sustained by learning the physical virtues of withholding a release until the moment you want to actually release.

She is in a process of journeying you into emotional understanding of yourself. Truth be told tantric massages is also an emotional experience. Its exploration ignites in us different emotional reactions from happiness, to sadness, anticipation, excitement and even giddiness. Our masseuse walks you through these emotional facets to enable you understand the emotional limitations that stop you from enjoying the full recourse of an intimate sensual experience.
Much more than anything tantric teaches you to be able to get a grip of your failing sexual energies and longings that has been tempered by the emotional trauma, exhaustions or hurtful experiences of life. It is an erotically analytical as well as a sensual moment.